Hero Points


There are 3 Tokens per player, with that player’s name on the tokens.

Start Adventure/Campaign by giving each player 1 with his or her name on it.

A Player cannot spend chips with his/her own name on it – they must give it to another player (typically done at the end of the scene/encounter, when the DM gives the player a token with his/her name on it.)

A DM can also give out a DM token (one with no name on it) – A player given a DM token can either use it his-/herself, or give it to another player, but the choice must be made when the DM gives the token to the first player.

Using Hero Points

Players can spend tokens (with another’s name on it, or with no name on it) to do “something cool” — can be something that they wouldn’t normally be able to do.

Examples of “something cool” include:

  • Acting out of order in combat
  • Using a feat/ability that the character does not have (but has all prerequisites for.)
  • Increasing the chance that a roll will succeed (when rolling a d20 (only), you can roll two d20s and take the better result.)
  • Anything else that would make your character look “cool”

Orc Butcher is going over to the Orc-King Idol and you want to knock the idol away from him but it isn’t your turn? Spend a Hero Point to act out of turn and do something cool (like try to knock over the Idol, or kick it away from him, or try to just destroy it if you think you can.)

There is a chandelier that you want to swing by from one balcony to another, but the banister is so rotten by age it won’t support your weight to be able to jump over to the chandelier? Use a Hero Point and suddenly the banister will hold! (for you, and then crumble after you’ve managed your jump.)

Hero Points

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