FR - Pathfinder

Ruins - Runelords cont.....

of Phlan. Phlan has been ravaged by goblin raids and a good portion of the town has been taken by the goblins and their kin. Some undead have been seen at night wandering the empty streets as well.

After arriving in Phlan and speaking with town representatives, the group have been asked to help clear the trouble out of town so the civilians can claim their shops back as well as the Church which was burned down 5 years ago.

The group spent a few days travelling back and forth into the overrun part of town clearing buildings and kicking some goblin and undead butt. the group met a dwarf who seemed like he needed help so they helped. The dwarf has offerred to fight by their side as long as they are helping out the town.

After a long day of goblin slaying, the group retired to their room at the tavern for the night.


Carthain SeanHannah

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